Thursday, May 14, 2009

She has long n' lovely locks. Now what?

My first (semi) Successful French Braid
After I got run over by a car last July, one of my old neighborhood friends somehow found my blog. A new friendship was started; a sort of an electronic, catching up through pictures and oh-so-witty bantering through comment windows. It was the sort of comradery between two gals that can only be understood by those who have know the thrill of the comments number moving from 3 to 4.

In the meantime, my four year old daughter Lily kept growing, and so did her lovely brown hair. It is long, and thick, and long, and lovely, and long. It falls below her waist, and it is healthy and shiny and so loverly.

So now I am presented with a problem. I don't know how to do hair. My own hair as a child was short, brittle, thin and gross. Neither of my sisters was inclined to let me play with their hair. (Can't imagine why...) Both my older daughters have cute, but short, bobs. Sure, I can brush out Lily's hair and pull it back into a ponytail, or even a daring "half-up"on occasion, but outside of the baby "top knot" that was about the extent of my skills.

Then I noticed that my friend, Kori, was doing a blog called The Story of a Princess and Her Hair , which featured her daughter sporting amazing hairstyles, including step-by-step instructions to get it done. (There is a contest to win a professional flat iron on her site: read the "curling hair with a flat iron" post and click on the contest link for instructions to enter.)

I looked at the pictures. I read the instructions. Unfortunately, my arms didn't work due to my accident, and I couldn't even BRUSH my 4 year olds hair, let alone dare a half-up. (Dale did though, don't worry!)

I had to bide my time, and wait for my arms to work.

Finally, the day arrived that I could brush out her hair without having to take a Tylenol. I could finally take on...(dun, dun, DUNN!!) the French Braid.

The first attempt was not too awful. I'm getting better as I go. And now, I feel confident, armed with my brush and mad braiding skills, to take on some of the cute styles on her blog so that she can have, without a doubt, the CUTEST HAIR IN KINDERGARTEN! Which is what life is all about, right?

Now if I could just get her to hold still....


Los Hansen said...

of course that is what life is all about! Just never cut bangs is my motto....and remember what an old piano teacher once said-perfect practice makes perfect! After you master the french braid, try the fishtail. so easy! then I dare you to do the upside down french braid with the ridges showing....


The Petersons said...

You crack me up. I love those french braids on her. (Very impressive for your first attempt, btw.) And yes, it is the most important thing, LOL. I'm so glad I've converted someone else to my strange hobby!

McCallisters said...

I can't read. I thought your caption read, "My first French Bread."

I was wondering what the correlation is between bread and hair, but then I realized my mistake. Lily's hair looks loverly. Good job. I'm glad for my boys so I don't have to do hair, other than cut it, which is fun.